Cardenas Bookkeeping Service provides a wide range of bookkeeping services to small and medium size companies in the Rio Grande Valley Area. We handle accounts in the construction,  Trucking Owner Operators and non-profit sectors as well as others.

Specializing in QuickBooks software Cardenas Bookkeeping Service can set-up your company files, chart of accounts, payroll, customers, vendors, financial reports and offer training and consulting for you and your staff.

Cardenas Bookkeeping Service provides reliable services at a reasonable price. As a full charge bookkeeping service, there is no need to spend your time learning all the ins and outs of bookkeeping through trial and error.  We provide our wealth of knowledge and experience, allowing you to focus your time running your company.

Whether you need full charge bookkeeping or part time services, no job is too big or small.  Call us today to see what I can do to make your life easier!            

Our bookkeeping services specialists and experts are well equipped to support all aspects of your QuickBooks bookkeeping needs. They have been using QuickBooks since 2001 supporting companies in a wide variety of industries including law firms, IT firms, real estate firms, retail outlets, fast food stores, doctors offices, construction companies, contractors and recruiters. Since we focus on QuickBooks Bookkeeping it has helped our bookkeeping team become very proficient in QuickBooks.   

Our QuickBooks specialists have multiple ways of accessing QuickBooks.

  • Using remote desktop software such as logmein to login to your desktop computer running QuickBooks
  • Using QuickBooks online (
  • Using QuickBooks desktop running on our computers

Our Quickbooks experts are proficient in bank reconciliations, accounts payable (A/P), accounts receivable (A/R), sales tax filings, escrow to operating transfers, payroll services and reporting. Below is a more detailed description of some of the Quickbooks bookkeeping services we offer.

Bank Reconciliations - Periodically, we will reconcile the books with bank statements and send you a reconciliation summary.

  • You can scan/fax/save bank and credit card statements to us OR, if authorized, we can download bank statements directly from the bank and credit card web sites on a daily basis
  • We will enter information from bank and credit card statements into Quick Books
  • On a daily basis, we will update Quick Books using bank and credit card web sites
  • We will email you bank and credit card reconciliation reports on a monthly basis
  • We will also proactively manage your cash flow situation and advise you of any fund shortages

   Accounts Payable - Our accounts payable systems integrate with state-of-the-art imaging, workflow and document management systems to enable error-free, timely and efficient handling of payables.

  • You can scan/fax vendor bills to us or we can get bills directly from vendor web sites
  • We will enter the bills into QuickBooks
  • We will electronically archive the vendor bills into appropriate folders
  • If necessary, we route the bills to you for approval
  • There are multiple options for handling bill payments:
    Upon your approval, we can pay the bills using QuickBooks or Online Bill Pay from bank web site
    Based on our list of unpaid vendor bills, you can pay the bills using QuickBooks or Online Bill Bay
    Upon your approval, we can enter bill payment checks in QuickBooks which you can then print and mail out to vendors
  • In all three cases, we will immediately send you a statement of payments made to vendors.           

Accounts Receivable - We will coordinate with your staff to manage your billing processes as well. Since this process varies significantly across our client base, we will work with you to customize the process to fit your requirements. For example, if you use an Escrow system for billing your clients, we will transfer the billing entries from your billing system to the accounting system and make necessary entries to transfer funds from the escrow accounts to the operating accounts.

  • You can scan/fax us customer invoices or customers can directly email us the invoices
  • We will enter the customer invoices in QuickBooks
  • We will electronically archive the customer invoices into folders
  • We can receive payments and apply payments to those invoices
  • We send customer balance summary and A/R aging reports to you on a weekly basis

Sales Tax Filings and Payments - We will also calculate, file and pay any sales taxes on a monthly basis to the appropriate sales tax agencies.

  • Payroll Services - We will manage payroll through QuickBooks or other payroll service provider.
    • We will setup employees and vendors in QuickBooks
    • Employees/vendors can scan or email their timesheets directly to us
    • We will enter employee timesheets
    • We will run payroll and route paystubs to you for approval
    • Upon approval, we will directly deposit employee checks or print checks
    • We will file and pay payroll taxes with tax agencies
    • We will file W2 and 1099 reports with tax agencies on an annual basis

Bookkeeping Reports - We will send you detailed reports in Excel or PDF format on a weekly or more frequent basis. Such reports may include profit and loss, balance sheeet, bank reconciliations, customer aging, unpaid vendor bills, etc. We can work with you to generate various custom reports you may need.

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